Keeping the Romance: 15 Ways to Date Your Spouse

Do you remember what it was like to have a roommate?

Back then, you lived with them for convenience, but you both ran your own lives separate from each other, with only a polite, passing nod now and then.

That’s how it felt in my home. We were living like courteous strangers instead of committed life companions.

It had become far too easy in our fast-paced lives to take each other for granted as we addressed the minor “to do’s” of life without remembering the major “I Do’s” we made for life at the altar.

What Harry and I needed was a good old-fashioned date night to bring the spark back into our marriage.

Dating in marriage – whether you actually go out somewhere for an official date or simply treat your spouse like you did when you were courting – remains essential to move your marriage from roommate status quo to romantic satisfaction.

This spring or summer, please pick and choose from these 15 ways to date your spouse to revive your love life, too.

• Do-over date – Choose a date from your past that was especially significant, like a proposal, a first date or an anniversary celebration. Then, repeat it.

• Park date – Plan a picnic, a walk through the woods or act like kids again on the swings.

• Surprise date – Find his car at work or hide a surprise for her at home by filling a cooler with iced tea or cold soda along with fresh fruit, a favorite snack and a sentimental card. Then show up to share it.

• Show date – Enjoy a community concert, a summer stock play or local outdoor theater.

• Car date – Park at a beautiful spot facing the lake or overlooking the city, snuggle together and talk about your very first memory of each other.

• Water date – Try a rowboat, a canoe or a paddleboat for fun, go swimming and sunning or just sit on the dock or the shore to watch the sunset.

• Dessert date – Share an ice cream sundae, a slice of Key Lime pie or strawberry shortcake.

• Black and White Movie Date – Rent a classic romantic comedy or drama to view when the kids are in bed. Don’t forget the microwave popcorn and the Kleenex for those tear-jerker moments. And you simply must hold hands.

• Double date – Schedule a dinner with another happily married couple with the conversation centering on weddings and marriage.

• Educational date – Go to a museum, an art gallery or the historic landmark together. Consider attending a marriage conference or renewal event.

• Healthy date – Hit a bucket of balls on the driving range, bike down the Constitution Trail, play tennis or savor the flowers as you walk together through your own neighborhood.

• Overnight date – Save for a night away by signing up for a hotel discount program where you earn a free night and then use it for each other.

• Old haunts date – Visit places you enjoyed when you were dating – a drive-in, a rejuvenated carhop restaurant, a bowling alley or a dance club.

• Stroll date – Attend a sidewalk fair featuring community arts and crafts, a regional event or even a summer parade without the kids. Just don’t tell them. Don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine, too.

• Fire date – Catch fireflies, roast S’mores over a fire pit or camp fire, view the fireworks or gaze at the fiery stars in the heavens with your arms around each other.

Keeping the sparks alive in your marriage takes some scheduling, determining to readjust your priorities and deciding to fall in love with each other all over again.

Now, doesn’t that sound way better than simply being roomies with your handsome hubby or beautiful wife?