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Six Steps to Break a Bad Habit

I have some bad habits and laying my clothes on the bench at the foot of our bed is one of those. Mark is very kind and rarely addresses my pile of clothes, but even if they don’t bother him, they do bother me! Yet, I continue my bad habit nonetheless!


Three Big Surprises About How Men Think

Let’s just close the door and have a girls’-only conversation about men, okay?

Girls, I have realized over the years that we are so good at relationships in so many ways – and so clueless in others! In particular, we can sometimes be completely unaware of some really key ways to think. I was shocked when I started doing this research 10 years ago and discovered just how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know, about what was most important to my husband, and why.


Come To Me

Ever feel as though you have the weight of the world upon your shoulders? Ever feel heavy-laden, weary, burdened beyond your limits? Good news! There’s Someone bigger than all of our problems
and all of our earthly concerns, and He’s calling us to bring those burdens to Him. “Come to me. I will give you rest.”


I Choose Joy

I was recently standing at the grocery check out counter. As I waited I glanced at the bold
magazine headlines. They read, “Sex Secrets to Blow His Mind”, and “How Do You Rate in
Bed?”. I wondered how do I rate? When was the last time I blew my husband’s mind?


Is Your Child Afraid of You

Today’s post is from a mom who attended my No More Perfect Kids workshop at a Hearts at Home conference. There’s no better gift to an author or speaker than a letter from someone who has applied what you’ve taught and it’s made a difference!


A God Who Sees You

My Facebook friend Mary Jo Weatherly Montagna once posted a remarkable thing as her status: “We are not who we think we are,” she wrote. “There is a glory to our lives that our enemy fears, and he is hell-bent in destroying that glory before we act on it. Once we begin to see with God’s eyes and we begin to know His truth, it changes everything.”

Stop. Read that again. Ponder the power of this truth.