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What Should My Home Gym Include?

what should my home gym include

The best workout routine for your health involves cardio in the morning, right before you have your breakfast since it gets your metabolism going. The easiest way to work out in the morning (or any time of day for that matter) is to have a home gym.  Now the question is, “What should my home gym include?”  

The best home gym equipment for the morning workout mentioned above is a jump rope since it gets the whole body working in half the time it takes other exercises.

Nevertheless, there isn't a one size fits all way of working out. You have to determine what is best for your body. However, you'll still need some essential items to build your home gym. These 7 home gym essentials are functional and perfect for anybody. Let's dive in.

1. At-Home Gym Mat

Getting fit at home requires a mat. You'll need two basic types: a yoga mat and a jump mat. The jump mat is thicker and is perfect for intense exercises like core workouts and plyometrics. You should look for an absorbent mat like the Lululemon Reversible mat to help with extra sweat.

Don't place your mat in the bedroom. Instead, use it in the living room. Move some furniture to create space for working out and placing the mat on the floor. You can even binge-watch Netflix or play video games as you exercise. Stay tuned to our blog for decorating ideas and helpful hints that will help you make the most of your space.

Look for space with a lot of motion range if you are using a jump mat instead of a yoga mat since you will be doing intense workouts.

Note: If you’ve opted for some larger equipment and you have a treadmill, you might also get a mat for the treadmill to protect it and your flooring.

2. Resistance Bands

Your best home gym setup is not complete without resistance bands. They are versatile, they occupy little space, and they are affordable. You can also get them in different resistant levels, making them perfect for workout progression.

The best part about using resistance bands is that you can substitute them for weights. Nevertheless, have a variety of exercises to cover the entire body when you use resistance bands.

A versatile band like the TRX All-in-one is perfect for different workouts for the core, upper body, and lower body hamstrings and glutes. Using a resistance band with your most robust door will also prove an excellent full-body workout.

3. Jump Rope

You need an excellent licorice jump rope in your home workout equipment. Many boxers prefer the inexpensive Money Rope from Rush Athletics.  It’s lightweight and perfect for beginners and experts alike.

A jump rope will keep your feet moving when you feel lazy to conduct a full-body workout. You can also get other jump rope alternatives like the speed rope. Nevertheless, choose a product that is perfect for single, double, and triple unders.

You should also check to ensure that the rope has a smooth and fast feel while its weight balances your swing momentum.

4. Dumbbells

Your at-home gym is nothing if it doesn't have a set of dumbbells. Why? They are perfect for breaking out of your bodyweight exercises. The best ones are the adjustable set since they are easily stored, and they are perfect for challenging your workouts.

You want to keep challenging your body if you're going to see continuous progress. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to do this from workout to workout. Besides, there are many options to choose from on Amazon.

home gym equipment

5. Pull Up Bar

It's easy to give up on engaging in pull-ups. Nevertheless, please don't give up because they are a perfect way to strengthen your core and upper body. And they give you fast results too. This is why you need a pull-up bar.

You can attach the bar to your door frame to preserve your home space. Then, do one pull-up each time you pass the bar. This easy trick will get you in shape in no time at all. The best ones include the pull-up bar from Handsonic and the one from Perfect fitness.  Both of them are durable, and they can support weights over 200 lbs.

6. Kettlebell

While not as common as the dumbbell, a kettlebell is still among the home gym essentials because of its functionality and size. It is suitable for supplementing your cardio exercises, and it can be stored easily in your home gym.

Swinging a kettlebell will tone your entire body, and it will help with your strength and endurance exercises. You can also opt for an adjustable kettlebell to keep challenging your movements.

7. Workout Bench

For your final piece of home workout equipment, get a workout bench that is strong enough to jump on or carry significant weight. Place it on a jump mat and use it for your weightlifting exercises. A good workout bench is foldable and easy to assemble. While it is not absolutely necessary, if you have enough room in your home gym it’s a great addition.


These are not the only home gym ideas you can incorporate for your workouts, but they are still the most essential. So get this equipment and start with a 20-minute-a-day stretch, jump, or lift training. Remember to have fun with your workouts. Get creative with your routines as well, and get your body fit in the process.

home gym

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