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Experiencing God's Presence Today May 25
Experiencing God's Presence Today

I’ve long envied Moses.

Sure, he spent middle age caring for sheep, ran into some trouble with that Pharaoh guy, and then spent his twilight years enduring a posse of whining toddlers, er, Israelites. But somewhere in the midst of all these crises, he managed to develop an intimate relationship with the Almighty:

“The LORD would speak to Moses, face to face, as one speaks with a friend.” (Exodus 33:11)

Emotional Intimacy May 22
Emotional Intimacy

What do you think the word intimacy means? asked the marriage retreat leader. After we all took a miserable stab at defining the word, she responded with, In-to-me-see. Intimacy is seeing into each others life. It’s knowing each others strengths and weaknesses. It’s being aware of each others fears, hopes, and dreams. 

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