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Which Adds More Value, a Kitchen or a Bathroom Remodel?

Which Adds More Value, a Kitchen or a Bathroom Remodel?

Kitchen and bath remodeling make up a big chunk of the home design arena. This is because kitchen and bathroom remodels do not go unnoticed. You can throw money at a project like putting up a fence, installing gutters, adding insulation, etc. but it is unlikely that anyone will notice.

Which Adds More Value, a Kitchen or a Bathroom Remodel?

So, if you’re currently planning for a house sale, what project do you think will make the most significant impact concerning resale value? Or maybe you’ve experienced a tax refund or an unexpected windfall, and you’re looking for places to spend your money.

Well, if you had to choose between a bathroom or a kitchen renovation, which would you prefer? Let’s dive into some of the factors that might help you narrow down to one choice.

kitchen or bathroom remodel for value


According to the Remodeling 2023 cost vs. value report, the national average of minor to mid-range kitchen remodels is $23,452, while a major remodel can cost over $135,000. On the other hand, the national average of minor to mid-range bathroom remodels is $21,377, while a major remodel can cost in excess of $67,000.

This means that if you’re trying to choose between a kitchen and bathroom renovation with the cost being a significant factor, then you should go for the bathroom makeover. However, this is the choice you make when you have no other factors influencing your decision.


Your bathroom and eating needs are equally important. However, you are bound to experience invasive, disruptive, and messy outcomes for both bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Therefore, choosing between remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can prove challenging from this perspective.

Nevertheless, you’ll find that you can survive without your kitchen for a couple of weeks, albeit it being challenging. This is because you have other alternatives like delivery options, restaurants, or ready-made meals that only require a microwave and hot plate.

But the same cannot be said for your bathroom unless you have more than one bath in your home. Alternatives like portable toilets for a home with a single bathroom still pose challenges like missing places to shower or take a bath.

Therefore, choosing to remodel your bathroom might require you to live in a hotel, stay with relatives or friends, or maybe even a short term rented property.

Best Resale Value

Between a kitchen and bathroom remodeling, which will have a higher return on investment? The kitchen when based on the project costs. Your mid-range bathroom remodel will return around 64 percent of its value during a resale, while a mid-range kitchen remodel will yield over 77 percent of its value.

Nevertheless, upper-end remodels for the kitchen and bathroom tend to return the same value of just below 60 percent. By and large, you’ve heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, on the bathroom and kitchen value debate, you’ll find that your kitchen is the heart of your resale.

That is why the kitchens are the spaces that are most displayed on real estate marketing campaigns. Moreover, your kitchen is the space where your real estate agent will set up camp during the open house. So, always view your kitchen as your visual focal point or the focus for your potential buyers.  You might even consider expanding your project to include additional space in the form of a sunroom off the kitchen.  A sunroom is a great way to bridge the indoor with the outdoor.  Now imagine what those real estate marketing pictures could look like looking through the kitchen into your sunroom!

Making The Choice

To a great extent, kitchen remodels are more expensive and invasive than their counterpart bathroom remodels. Notwithstanding, your kitchen remodel will offer you more resale value, and satisfaction than your bathroom remodel.

But, if your budget is tight, consider starting with a bathroom remodel. If you have sufficient money for either of the choices, decide based on your lifestyle and what your overall goal is.

which adds more value

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